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Fix me
Well this is a fun email to write at 9 am. I really should move to California. I'm hoping thousands of miles will ease my head. A friend jokingly asked if I'd be going to California with an aching in my heart. I would be. I talk to the region manager there on Mon or Tue next week.

Elizabeth Williamson,

You never forwarded a gmail address as promised so I am using your yahoo address.
You never contacted me to figure out a way to take care of this without dragging it our for years, as promised.
Your payment due Dec 25 was mailed 10 days delinquent and arrived 14 days delinquent.
Your payment due Jan 25 has yet to be received and is currently 13 days delinquent.
Since agreeing to this payment plan, 50% of your payments have been delinquent.

At your current rate of $100 per month, you will be sending me checks until Feb 2015. I truly want to stop seeing your name every month. You told me you would look into taking care of this and haven't responded in over half a year.

At the very least, your payments need to arrive on time. If not, it will be a matter for the courts and I will begin seeking some form of penalty or late payment fee. Preferably you will find a way to not stretch my generosity into two years of misery for me.

This is business. I don't need to know your story or reasons nor do I want to know them. The only responses I need from your are prompt payments and then whatever information I'll need to wrap this up sooner than 2015.

Brian Klovski


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