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Fucking Fucking
I took the end of the night and recorded the song I just wrote. I put in more effort than I normally do with demos. I programmed the drums from scratch, which I hate doing, and I'm not all that great at. I recorded two rhythm guitar tracks, a fills track, live bass, a solo, and some synth frills. It's still an amateur home recording made in my bedroom though.

But it's the happiest angry song I've written. Or is it the angriest happy song? I dunno… It's in a bouncy major key but lyrically pretty bitter.


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Yes, delightfully bitter. Good job. How'd you do the backups?

The backing vocals in the chorus? They are an exact copy of the main chorus vocals, just heavily processed.

I copied the main vocals to a new track. Then I used the Garageband Vocal Transformer to adjust the pitch up 3 steps to harmonize 3rds. Then I used the same effect to change the tonal qualities to be a little higher without affecting pitch. Then I auto tuned the hell out of it while limiting it to notes to the key of the song. I cut the bass and give it some high-mid (5Kish) and treble boost and then compressed it somewhat heavily.

I think it gives it sort of a Weenish feel and helps downplay the dark lyrical content.

I was just gonna say, it reminds me of Dean Ween's solo stuff before he was in Ween.

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